About the bank


It was established in 1973 under the name Libyan Arab Uganda Bank for Foreign Trade and Development

Company Profile


Tropical Bank Limited is jointly owned by the Governments of the Republic of Uganda 0.03% and the Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) 99.97% of Paid-up Capital.

Reasons for Existence

To provide professional and personalized commercial banking services to various sectors of the economy including financial support to Parastatals, Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises, Individuals, and Non-Governmental Organisations

Change of Name

In 1994, the bank’s name was changed from Libyan Arab Uganda Bank for Foreign Trade and Development to Tropical Africa Limited and in May 2006, it was changed to Tropical Bank Limited


To provide excellent financial services through a well trained and motivated personnel to enhance stakeholder value while contributing to social progress in Africa.


To be the premier provider of financial services in Africa.

Our Values

Teamwork          – We believe working together as a team, we achieve

Oriented to Serve Customers   – We are committed to exceed customers’ expectations

Integrity              – We are upright in all our dealings

Quality   – We deliver the right product and service at the right time and place

AccountabilityWe are answerable to all our stakeholders

The principles and beliefs on which the business is founded and that determine staff behaviour and business relationship