Board Of Directors



1Gerald was appointed the Chairman of Tropical Bank Limited in June 2008. He was formerly Minister of various ministries including Trade and Industry, Natural Resources and Finance Planning and Economic Development. He brings to the Bank a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously worked with Barclays bank for a period of 9 years. He is currently a Senior presidential Advisor on Financial matters and a great crop and animal farmer. He holds a bachelors degree in B.Com from University of Nairobi and a diploma in Banking.


Deputy Chairman

2Benbarka was appointed Deputy Chairman of Tropical Bank Limited in June 2013. He is qualified with more than 35 years of Technical and Managerial experience. He is an established procurement consultant who has worked for General water authority as a Hydrologist, University of Arizona (U.S.A) as a Research Assistant, Soil and water department of Libya as Director general Water resources department, African Development Bank Corte d’Ivore as senior project officer, Head of procurement unit, chief procurement specialist and principal procurement specialist, Libyan Export promotion Authority as procurement consultant. He is currently a procurement Advisor for the Libyan Foreign Bank and National Committee for the review of all development contracts as well as an independent consultant on procurement.


Managing Director.

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Mr. Giuma has been appointed Managing Director of Tropical Bank Limited effective1st December 2014. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management & Economics of the University of Puget Sound, Washington, USA .He brings with him a wealth of banking experience having served in various capacities at the Libyan Foreign Bank [LFB] and its affiliates as Acting Manager, HR, at LFB 2012 to Nov 30, 2014, Chief Representative, British Arab Commercial Bank 2007-2012, Auditor, Audit department LFB 2006-2007, Deputy Manager, International Loan and Finance Dept, LFB 2002-2006, Deputy Manager Export and Import Letter of Credit Dept, LFB 2000-2002, Manager International Division, Arab Turkish Bank- Istanbul, Turkey- 1995-1997. Abduelhadi Taher has also served as Director on a number of Boards of LFB participating banks, including: Swiss Canal Bank, Cairo, Egypt, Banco Arab Espanol, ARES Bank, Madrid Spain, UBAE Arab Italian Bank, Rome, Italy. Mr. Giuma treasures TEAM Work and is self-Motivated.



Executive Director

Mr. Lubega Juma has been with Tropical Bank as Head of Risk and Compliance since February,2006 prior to which he had worked with other financial institutions for a period of 20 years. He therefore, has a wide and valuable banking knowledge and skills in the areas of risk, compliance and information technology management which every one of us can exploit for the benefit of our Bank.



4With nearly 25 years of Banking experience, Mukhtar was appointed Director Tropical Bank Limited in November 2012. He worked for the Libyan Foreign bank in various departments and is currently Assistant Manager – Risk Management Department. He holds a BA in Agriculture Economy (1990) from the University of Tripoli.



5Mohamed was appointed Director in November 2012.  He is currently working with the Libyan Foreign Bank as Assistant Manager Participation Department. He was a Board Member of Basque Commercial Du Burkina Faso between 2007 – 2012. Mohamed holds a Bachelors’ in Business Administration.



image003Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al Majdubi is a qualified Economist, with vast experience in International Trade Financing, Risk Management, Banking Operations and Communication, gained over a period of 35 years working in Arab Turkish Bank, UBAF International Bank, Tunisia and at the Libyan Foreign Bank, Tripoli.


Board Secretary

7Addah joined Tropical Bank Legal Department in 2000 and is currently the Head, Legal and Company Secretary. She is a qualified lawyer, advocate of the courts of judicature of Uganda and also holds a Post graduate Diploma in Legal practice.





Christopher is currently heading, Parastatal monitoring Unit, Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic developments, 2000-2008 Team leader, Parastatal monitoring Unit, Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic developments,1997-2000 Business analyst Parastatal monitoring Unit, Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic developments. Other Key responsibilities,1997-1999 Representative of MFPED/EDP on the investment Term Credit Refinance Fund(ITCRF) under development of Finance Dept of Bank of Uganda,1997-1999   Board Member- National Housing and Construction Company Ltd, 2005-2010 Board member- Sugar Corporation of Uganda ltd (SCOUL) & Cable Corporation Ltd, 2007-2010 Board member- Mandela National Stadium Ltd, 2008-2011 Board Member –Uganda Posts Ltd, 2008-2011 Board Member- National Housing and Construction Company Ltd, 2009-2014- Board Member Uganda Telecom, 2010-2011 Ag. Chief Executive Officer of the revived Uganda Development Corporation (UDC).