Money Gram Money Transfer

MoneyGram is an international money transfer service that allows sending and receiving money safely, quickly and conveniently.

You can send and receive funds securely to more than 180,000 locations in more than 190 countries around the world and over 200 locations in Uganda. The sender and receiver don’t need to have an account with us.

How to send money

Step 1: Visit your nearest TROPICAL BANK branch, taking some personal identification with you, usually one of the following: passport, driving license or national identity card.

Step 2: Fill in the MoneyGram send form indicating your name, recipient’s name, destination country and amount you would like to send. You may also include a free 10-word message to the receiver.

Step 3: The TROPICAL BANK Teller will complete the transaction and give you a printed receipt with a reference number.

Step 4: Contact the person to whom you’re sending the money, and give him or her reference number. In just 10 minutes the money will be ready to collect (subject to the receiving MoneyGram agent’s availability and hours of operation, and local regulations).

How to receive money

Follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Ask the person who is sending you money to give you the reference number. This will help speed up your collection.

Step 2: Visit a TROPICAL BANK branch, taking some identification and your reference number with you.

Step 3: Fill in the MoneyGram receive form indicating the reference number, your name, the name of your sender, the country money is coming from and the amount of money you are expecting.

Step 4: Go straight to the Teller counter and show your identification. You will then be given your money, usually in local currency.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • No need for a bank account.
  • Access to a secure, easy, reliable international money transfers
  • Free 10 word message to receiver
  • No bank account is required
  • No charges for the receiver
  • Competitive charges for sending
  • Collect your money within minutes