Tax Loan Facility

This product provides a short-term facility to allow you access your goods in the event that you do not have sufficient liquidity to settle payments immediately.


  • The importer must be an account holder with the bank
  • The company has to be a going-concern registered and incorporated in Uganda for atleast one year
  • Verification of business stock
  • Details in respect of the traders business, commodity dealt in and documentation
  • Bill of loading and commercial invoices
  • Certificate of origin (where applicable)
  • Tax assessment by Uganda Revenue Authority
  • Tripartite agreement with the bank and collateral Manager where the terms and conditions of the loan facility will be detailed
  • At all times the value of the goods held by the collateral Manager will not be less than 200% of the loan value
  • CRB Financial Card Reference Number


  • Ranges from 90–120 days


  • Fast and easy financing to solve the importer’s urgent need
  • Reduction in demurrage costs to the importers
  • Avails opportunity for business growth
  • Helps importers meet delivery targets


  • Importers in need of short term financing